How To Find A Good Professional Indonesian Translator

Well, that’s easy. Just go to the contact form available here. :-)

Okay, seriously, if you need to find a good professional Indonesian translator for your project, the first rule of thumb is that your translator should be a native speaker of the target language, i.e. the language being translated into. For example, if you have a website localization project from English to French, then French is your “target language” and you need to find a native French speaker. I suggest you not to compromise on this matter. Entrust your translation project only to those translators whose mother tongue is your project’s target language.  I am a native speaker of Bahasa Indonesia, so I will be your right choice for your English to Indonesian project.

Most of the time, being a native speaker is not enough. You need to hire a translator who is well-informed about the terminologies of the subject matter. You don’t want to work with a translator who doesn’t keep pace with the current trends and topics of the fields.

There are translators working in a large number of language pairs, claiming that they are competent in many target languages. There are also translators who work only on one language combination. Be wise when choosing between these two.

You have the option to hire translators who convince you that they can work on many fields, but you can always collaborate with translators who are specialized in a particular field, be it information technology, accounting, finance, law, medicine, engineering, etc., with some better understanding of the technical terminology of those fields compared to common people.

Knowing two or more languages doesn’t make someone a translator. A good translator usually is a good writer, with a good writing skill in the target language. Someone with a good academic writing skill may not be very good at writing romance novel. Someone with a good grasp of smartphone instruction manual may not have the same confidence level when dealing with forex trading website localization.

If you already have this kind of awareness in choosing a good English to Indonesian translator, you may want to look for the suitable candidates in these three resources: